Book Review #6: Tuesdays at the Castle 🆗

Title: Tuesdays at the Castle Author: Jessica Day George Rating: 🆗 (34/50) Age range: 3rd-5th grade     AR: 5.8     Lexile: 860 Summary By far, Tuesday is protagonist Princess Celie's favorite day of the week. Every Tuesday, Castle Glower takes on a life of its own, creating rooms, towers, staircases, tunnels, sometimes even full wings! … Continue reading Book Review #6: Tuesdays at the Castle 🆗

Book Review #4: Smile 🍉

Title: Smile Author: Raina Telgemeier Rating: 🍉 (39/50) Age range: 2nd-4th grade AR: 2.6     Lexile: GN410 Summary This book is an autobiographical coming-of-age graphic novel about teen Raina Telgemier's teeth troubles. Raina not only faces the mean friends, a major earthquake, boys, and the pressure to do well in school, but tons of dental appointments to improve … Continue reading Book Review #4: Smile 🍉

Book Review #2: Cici Reno Knows it All 😬

Title: Cici Reno Knows it All, #MiddleSchoolMatchmaker (BOOK 1) Author: Kristina Springer Rating: 😬 (26/50) Age Range: 3rd-5th grade Summary Cici Reno, a nonchalant 7th grader has very few worries. Cici leads a peaceful and relaxed Middle School lifestyle, often hanging out with her friends and visiting her mother's yoga studio. One day Cici's ridiculously pretty … Continue reading Book Review #2: Cici Reno Knows it All 😬