Book Review #12: Wonderstruck 🍩

Death-in-One-Ear Ben is happy living with his mother, but yearns to know the man his father is. Meanwhile, Rose is stuck with a tutor and craving adventure searches for a mysterious actress whose life she chronicles in a scrapbook. These two unique stories unfold and the ending will ultimately surprise you-it may even leave you Wonderstruck!

Book Review #6: Tuesdays at the Castle 🆗

Title: Tuesdays at the Castle Author: Jessica Day George Rating: 🆗 (34/50) Age range: 3rd-5th grade     AR: 5.8     Lexile: 860 Summary By far, Tuesday is protagonist Princess Celie's favorite day of the week. Every Tuesday, Castle Glower takes on a life of its own, creating rooms, towers, staircases, tunnels, sometimes even full wings! … Continue reading Book Review #6: Tuesdays at the Castle 🆗