Welcome to TWEENDOM!


A serious condition where he/she is obsessed with

books. Can happen at any age, but most commonly occurs in tweens.

Sadly, there is no known cure. He/she will sometimes read for 3 hours straight. If 

writing persists, contact medical attention immediately. In extremely severe cases, he/she will start 
own blog. They will usually post at least once a week. They will run rambunctiously run around the internet doing
whatever they please. They call this “fun”. They like books WAY more than TV. They think chocolate covered bananas are
stellar. He/she will often make all their relatives and friends follow or else. They actually enjoy school, believe it or not.

Yes, its true. I have TWEENDOM

Hello, and welcome to the Tweendom Kingdom! My name is Katie K, and I love books, skiing, creative writing, and rollerblading. I’m a 5th grader who lives in Southern California with my parents and little sister, also known as P.

My blog reviews books for tweens in grade levels third through seventh. However, I also create posts for children as young as 1st grade and teens as old as 8th grade. This site is also great for teachers, parents, librarians, and everyone who loves books! I am very active, and will post at least once a week.

Thanks for stopping by to my little corner of the internet…

-Katie K

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