Book Review #25: Chomp

Title: Chomp     Author: Carl Hiaasen

Rating: 🍉 (36/50)

Recommended for: 3rd-5th graders     AR: 5.2     Lexile: 800

ChompWahoo Cray’s family is broke. And there’s not a lot they can do about it because of Mickey Cray, a professional animal wrangler just got a severe concussion from a dead iguana that fell off a palm tree. They’re months behind on their bills and are in desperate need work fast. So, Mickey signs a contract with Expedition Survival!, a cheesy reality TV show starring fake Derek Badger.

But things start to get more complicated when Derek Badger, the show’s inept and egotistical star insists on using only wild animals in his stunts, Wahoo acquires a shadow named Tuna, a girl who’s sporting a courtesy of her father and needs a place to hide out, and when Derek Badger goes missing in the Everglades.

One thing for certain: there’s no telling who will actually survive Expedition Survival…..

Thoughts (for after you’re done reading, contains spoilers)

And though I enjoyed this book very much, just like Hiaasen’s other tween novels, this is not the best one. Though Hiaasen does a good job with his usual, witty humor I would not say that it’s better than Scat or Hoot. I say this because I think that Scat and Hoot had a bit more meaningful ending. I don’t want to spoil the ending for you if you haven’t yet got the chance to read it. If you have read them, I think you know what I mean. And though Chomp had solid characters and a funny plot, I think that Hoot and Scat left the reader more of an inspiration to put good back into the world (Hoot) and to be brave (Scat).

I’m not saying that I didn’t enjoy this. That would be completely untrue because I did. Though this was not Hiaasen’s best, I can’t help but love his humor and writing style.

My favorite character? Tough call. But in the end, Tuna is my favorite. I was just naturally drawn to her personality. Tuna is sweet, but tough and strong when she needs to be. I was kind of sad that Tuna had to move away to Chicago, where she couldn’t visit Wahoo very often, but I am happy that she’s safe with her Mother.

My favorite part was the very beginning when Mickey got the job with Expedition Survival. I also liked Mickey’s hilarious commentary throughout the book even in intense peril at the end. (When Tuna’s father had the gun pointed towards Mickey)

What was your favorite character and part? How did you like this book? Would you recommend this to a friend? Let me know down in the comments section below. Also, please follow this blog and like this post. Feel free to go to and check some more of my blog posts. Thank you!

-Katie K

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