Book Review #19: The Reptile Room, (A Series of Unfortunate Events 2) 🍉

Title: A Series of Unfortunate Events #2: The Reptile Room

Author: Lemony Snicket

Rating: 🍉 (38.5/50)

Recommended for: 4th-6th graders     AR: 6.3     Lexile: 1040


The Reptile RoomAfter the escape of the diabolical Count Olaf, the Bueadaliare Orphans get thrown into another foster home and pray they are not forced to live with another vile, devilish man who plans to steal their enormous inheritance and possibly murder or harm them afterword.

Instead, they live with the bubbly reptile enthusiast Doctor Montgomery Montgomery, who insists the children call him “Uncle Monty” The Bueadalaires are once again happy and grateful. Uncle Monty even plans an expedition to Peru, and invites the Bueadaliare Orphans! Klaus reads about the rare snakes of Peru, Violet invents marvelous snake traps, and Sunny bites on long bits of rope.

But, this book is not a happy one. This is only the 2nd book to a 13 book series of 3 children’s depressing lives. Just in this novel our hero and heroines face a highly venomous snake, a brass reading lamp, a car accident, a long knife, one troublesome smell, and the reappearance of their Nemesis.

*I think we can all take a guess on who that is. #CountOlafIsEvil (Let’s try to actually make this a hashtag 😎)

Thoughts (for when you’re done reading, contains spoilers)

Despite all of the depression, I have to give it up for Lemony Snicket here. This book was as good as the 1st book. I’m not going to say it’s better because the original are almost always my favorite unless we as readers see a major character change for the better or the plot and storyline is more exciting.

I was glad that the Orphans were happy with Uncle Monty, even if it was only for a little while. It was obvious that they would not stay there for long because there were so many pages left (and 11 other books).

My favorite part was when the Bueadalaries were with Uncle Monty. I was disappointed when Count Olaf murdered Uncle Monty and “Stephano” took over, but if that never happened, I wouldn’t be able to keep reading the Unfortunate Series. And its pretty addicting.

I already told you guys who my favorite character was from my last book review (which is all 3 of the orphans). However I did loved Uncle Monty. If only he had regonzied Count Olaf, he could have stayed alive. Why is Count Olaf so mean, evil, and stinky? WHY? 😭

Thank you so much for reading this post (even though its very depressing) and please feel free to share your sorrows with me down in the comments section. 😢 And if you haven’t already, hit the follow button. It really goes a long way! Goodbye for now, my dear readers…

-Katie K 

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