Book Review #17: The Bad Beginning, (A Series of Unfortunate Events 1) 🍉

Title: The Bad Beginning, A Series of Unfortunate Events (BOOK 1)

Author: Lemony Snicket

Rating: 🍉 (35.5/50)

Age range: 4th-6th grade


The Bad BeginningThe Baudelaire children are very happy. They live with their parents in a large mansion with an exclusive private library. They have everything they could ever want in the entire world. There’s Violet, an aspiring inventor, Klaus, an avid reader of anything from nuptial law to wolf books, and Sunny an infant with a knack of  for biting almost anything. But one day, a terrible accident occurs. The beloved Baudelaire Mansion is left in ashes and there parents lay dead.

Naturally, the children are very sorrowful. On top of their misfortune so far they are sent to live with a distant relative they’ve never heard of and  face one lumpy bed, cold porridge for breakfast, alarming (and frankly unsanitary) henchmen, and one repulsive villain that will change their lives forever.

Thoughts (for when you’re done reading, contains spoilers) 

Wow! (Or “Eeeh!” as Sunny would have said it) Awesome book, even if it was on the more “a little bit sad/extremely depressing” side of literature. This book had a great and plot and had me on the edge of my seat-I pretty much read this in one sitting.

And yes, my dear readers, it is oh, sooo unfortunate that Count Olaf got away* but at the same time, I’m happy it happened. OK, OK, I know what you’re thinking. I’m crazy.

Here’s my reasoning: If the Malicious and Truly 100% Evil Count Olaf had gotten away, I won’t be able to finish A Series of Unfortunate Events. I’ve already read books 2 and 3, and they’re just as good as the first one if not better. And if all the books in the series have the same quality (which is so far very good) I will finish them and idolize Lemony Snicket in the same way I idolize J.K. Rowling. And that’s pretty big. (But J.K. knows she’s always #1 on my list).

My favorite part was when Violet oh, sooo cleverly creates the grappling hook to rescue Baby Sunny from the Tower. This bit of heroism made up for the little bit of sadness/extremely depressing parts of this book.

I can’t decide who orphan is my favorite. I can’t. Literally. So, I say… ALL OF THEM 😁! They are all resourceful, kindhearted, intelligent, and brave. All of them look out for one another and are good people in general, even Sunny who can barely talk played a crucial role in the story.

*What did you expect, a happy ending? This book is called A Series of Unfortunate Events, not A Series of Events that Cause you to have Random Bursts of Happiness every 5 minutes! Although the ending was a bit disappointing…😭*

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-Katie K