Fidget Spinners: A Fun Focus Tool or a Major Distraction?

Debate: Do Fidget Spinners belong in class? 

fidget1As many of you may have heard, fidget spinners have taken America’s schools by storm, including my school. And though Fidget Sinners can be a useful learning resource for kids who suffer from ADHD and autism, they can also be really distracting in class. I don’t really notice it if kids have it under their desk and it isn’t really loud. Otherwise, it’s hard to look away. Who wants to pay attention to math when they could be staring at a shiny gold-spinny thingy? Not me! (Though I do pay attention in all my classes.)

Well, it almost doesn’t matter anyway. The other middle and elementary schools near me have already banned Fidget Spinners, which means we’re next on the chopping block. But I may be wrong. If kids in my school use Fidget Spinners responsibly, we may be able to keep them until the end of the year! Who knows!

Yes Side: Fidget Spinners are a Fun Focus Tool

  • Children with ADHD, autism, and other disabilities have had focus tools in the classroom long before Fidget Spinners were a trend.
  • It can calm you down or relieve your stress. For example, if you’re really nervous or anxious about something you can spin it or fidget with something to help calm you down.
  • Some Fidget Spinners are a neutral color, (like white or black) so they aren’t too distracting in class.
  • Check out this video about how fidgets/stress balls can help in work or school.


No Side: Fidget Spinners are a Major Distraction in Class

  • Like I said up above, it’s really hard to look away!
  • Many teachers have to stop class to ask students to put away the Fidget Spinner, therefore eating up class time.
  • Kate Ellison, the principal at Washington Elementary School in Evanston, Illinois, spoke with the Chicago Tribune regarding the negative effects of fidget spinners in the classroom. “Frankly, we’ve found the fidgets were having the opposite effect of what they advertise,” said Ellison. “Kids are trading them or spinning them instead of writing.”  Source



My readers, I have carefully analyzed all the pros and cons and have come to a conclusion:

Fidget Spinners are OK in class if their Spinner isn’t very loud and they put it under their desk. Only children that need help focusing should be allowed to have Fidget Spinners. Everyone else should keep their spinner at home.

Thank you for reading this post. Feel free to share your opinion down in the comments section below-do you disagree with my conclusion or like it? Also, if you haven’t already, hit the follow button and like this post!

-Katie K