Book Review #12: Wonderstruck 🍩

Title: Wonderstruck     Author: Brian Selznick

Rating: 🍩 (45/50)

Age range: 4th-6th grade     AR: 5.4     Lexile: 830


Death in one ear Ben is constantly getting pushed around by his cousin, Robby. AndWonderstruck though Ben is perfectly happy living with his mother, he desperately wants to know who his father is. So, after his mother’s unfortunate death, he embarks on a journey to finally meet his father.

Meanwhile, Rose, stuck with a tutor and craving adventure searches for a mysterious actress, whose life she chronicles in a scrapbook.

This wonderful story is set 50 years apart with Ben’s told in words and Rose’s told in pictures. How these two stories unfold will ultimately surprise and challenge you…it may even leave you Wonderstruck.

Thoughts (for when you’re done reading, contains spoilers)

Wow. So moving. I will definitely remember this one! I never would have guessed that Rose is Ben’s grandmother. To be honest, I first thought they were siblings-I forgot the two stories were set 50 years apart.

My favorite part was when Rose and Ben were reunited and the story was explained. That gave me goosebumps! I also liked it when Rose ran away just to take a peek at her mother. Even though she was immediately sent back home, it revealed a lot and it showed Rose’s determination (Ben has a lot of determination too. I think they’re both fantastic characters.)

My favorite character was Jamie. He was so helpful and kind to Ben all the way through. If it hadn’t been for him, Ben may have never been reunited with his grandmother. I also liked Roe’s adventurous spirit. She is so brave!



If you liked Wonderstruck, you may also enjoy The Invention of Hugo Cabret. It is also by Brain Selznick and highly recommended; one of my all time favorites. I am planning to do a review on this one in the near future.



Thank you to Bridget Hodia (author of novel So L.A.) for giving me this wonderful book. You can visit her website at

Thank you for reading this post and please comment on your favorite character and parts. Feel free to check out the rest of my blog and hit the follow button!

-Katie K 

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