Book Review #10: The Lunch Witch πŸ†—

Title: The Lunch Witch Β  Β Β Author: Deb Lucke

Rating: πŸ†— (34/50)

Age range: 2nd-4th grade Β  Β  AR: 2.9 Β  Β  Lexile: GN320


The Lunch WitchAfter being fired from the Salem Haunted Museum because she was not scary enough and her potion shop going out of business, Grunhilda the witch is desperate for paying work (mostly to feed her and her various pets). Without any other opinion, Grunhilda applies for a job as School Lunch Lady, hoping this it will suit her.

After Madison, a girl with thick glasses and freckles struggling in school and home blackmails Grunhilda, forcing her to brew her an intelligence potion.

But Grunhilda’s ancestors are not happy with Grunhilda’s decision. In fact, they attempt revenge on Grunhilda and her soft ways-once and for all.

FYI: The pages are very dark and even stained (there are literally pieces of tomato and bubblegum) as if Grunhilda had been using them in her kitchen herself. Also, don’t read if you have a tummy ache, this contains icky stuff!

Thoughts (for when you’re done reading contains spoilers)

I read this in one sitting, not only because it was a short read but because how funny and entertaining it was.

My favorite character was Madison. Though she struggles in school, I think she is very smart and observant-she blackmailed a witch! Not only that, but she also convinced her to brew a potion for her (even if it does go wrong).

My favorite part was when Grunhilda is able to give Madison the antidote and they flew off on Grunhilda’s broomstick into the moonlight.

Thank you for reading this post. Please check out more of my blog and comment on your favorite part and character. Until next time!

-Katie K



4 thoughts on “Book Review #10: The Lunch Witch πŸ†—

  1. Hi Katie
    I wondering if you could review cinder (from the lunar chronicals) and also the unforchants events series?


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