Book Review #7: Ivy and Bean 🍩

Title: Ivy and Bean (BOOK 1)    Author: Annie Barrows

Rating: 🍩 (45/50)

Age range: 1st-3rd     AR: 3.2     Lexile: 580

Why I decided to review this book

I LOVED these books when I was younger. They were my complete obsession all throughout 2nd grade. I was cleaning through my room and this book caught my eye. I started reading, and thought it was awesome. Perfect book for kids just moving on from beginning readers. Though this book didn’t have a high reading level, the plot and charters a funny, well-developed, and believable. Awesome book.



Whenever Bean’s mother says she should play with the nice girl her age down the street Ivy and Bean #1.jpgnamed Ivy, Bean always responded with “No thanks.” So, for weeks and weeks Bean didn’t play with Ivy.

One day, Bean plays a trick on her snooty older sister, Nancy. Nancy is not happy, meaning Bean is bound to get in trouble. Luckily, Ivy comes to the rescue with a old bathrobe with stars and crescent moons taped to it, a wand, some face paint, and bucket of worms.

Soon, Ivy and Bean become great friends. They even hatch a plan to prank Nancy and teach her a lesson-once and for all.

Thoughts (for after you’re done reading, contains spoilers)

Such a cute book!

Obviously, my favorite part was when Bean attacked Nancy with the worms. However, I also loved it when Ivy and Bean met. They naturally got along and in the end became great friends.

My favorite character was Ivy. She was so mysterious, positive, and quirky. I couldn’t help but love Bean as well. Though they are good separate, they are best together-kind of like peanut butter and jelly (Bean would be Peanut Butter and Ivy would be Jelly, in my opinion)

Thank you, for reading this post and feel free to check out more of my blog. Comment if you would like me to review certain books. Also comment on who your favorite character is, what your favorite part is… etcetera, etcetera.

-Katie K



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