Book Review #6: Tuesdays at the Castle 🆗

Title: Tuesdays at the Castle Author: Jessica Day George

Rating: 🆗 (34/50)

Age range: 3rd-5th grade     AR: 5.8     Lexile: 860


By far, Tuesday is protagonist Princess Celie’s favorite day of the week. Every Tuesday, 51+cRtNBUyL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgCastle Glower takes on a life of its own, creating rooms, towers, staircases, tunnels, sometimes even full wings! There is no way of knowing what Castle Glower will do next, even Princess Celie, who knows that Castle better than anyone else and attempts to map it.

But one day, King and Queen Glower are attacked. Now it is up to Princess Celie, Princess Delilah, and Prince Rolf to protect their home and defend their kingdom against wicked “council” members.

Along the way, the young hero and heroines face many challenges and though it is very difficult they are determined to save their beloved kingdom.

Thoughts (for after you’re done reading, contains spoilers)

I really enjoyed this book. At first I thought that Prince Lulath was trying to trick the kids, but I turns out he had good intentions.

My favorite part was when Celie and Lilah are able to climb down the ladder. They were so brave! However, I also thought the ending was very exciting. Again, Celie was very brave. Her dive in the water was incredible! I wonder what will hatch out of the egg? Well, I was wondering what would hatch out of the egg, but the cover of Wednesdays in the Tower completely spoiled it. Well, I’m pretty sure you get to know in the first chapter.

Thank you reading this blog post. Go ahead and check out some of my other posts. Please comment if you want me to review a particular book, I am always reading and reviewing! Also be sure to vote on the poll this week!

-Katie K


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  1. Samantha von Waldburg says:

    I am reading 2 one


  2. Mary Barton says:

    Katie, I think it’s great that you rate Ice Cream as the best. Our Aunt Kayla will like that, too! Love, Grandma

    On Fri, Mar 24, 2017 at 2:39 PM, The Tweendom Kingdom wrote:

    > mytweendom posted: “Title: Tuesdays at the Castle Author: Jessica Day > George Rating: 4/5 stars Age range: 3rd-5th grade Summary By far, Tuesday > is protagonist Princess Celie’s favorite day of the week. Every Tuesday, > Castle Glower takes on a life of its own, crea” >


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