Book Review #4: Smile 🍉

Title: SmileSmile

Author: Raina Telgemeier

Rating: 🍉 (39/50)

Age range: 2nd-4th grade

AR: 2.6     Lexile: GN410


This book is an autobiographical coming-of-age graphic novel about teen Raina Telgemier’s teeth troubles.

Raina not only faces the mean friends, a major earthquake, boys, and the pressure to do well in school, but tons of dental appointments to improve her teeth.

This book is a quick yet meaningful and engaging read. The graphics are simple but colorful. This book is extremely popular amongst many readers from 1st all the way to 6th! Great for everyone!

Thoughts (for after you’re done reading) 

Graphic novels give you a break from all those chapter books, am I right?

I liked this book because it really captured how hard it is to be a teenager-and how Raina overcame it.

My favorite character was Raina (obviously). My favorite part was when Raina and Theresa became friends. If it wasn’t for her, Raina may never have found anyone to hang out with in high school.

It made me angry when Raina let her middle school friends push her around because she has more dignity than that. I wish she would have found good friends sooner-she would have been a lot happier.

Thank your for reading and please tell me what you thought of this book. Feel free to check out some of my other posts!

-Katie K 



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