Book Review #1: Savvy 🍩

Book: Savvy     Author: Ingrid Law

Rating: 🍩 (44/50)

Age Range: 4th-6th graders     


Mibs Beaumont, a shy 12-year old girl  breaks out of her shell in this exciting coming of age Savvy.jpgnovel.

Mibs is often teased by her classmates.  Lucky for Mibs, she has her thirteenth birthday  in a couple of days and an extra special ability will be revealed (her savvy).

You see, when a Beaumont family member turns 13, they get their savvy. With a perfect mother, a brother that creates electricity, and another who forms hurricanes with his bare hands, it’s certain to be extraordinary!

Unfortunately, two days before her birthday, Mib’s father gets in an accident, leaving the Beaumont family to their own devices.

Confident she’ll get excellent savvy that will be able to wake her father from his coma, Mib’s jumps onto a bus with her siblings toward her father’s hospital.

But when the bus turns the wrong way, there’s no telling what kind of trouble the Beaumont kids got into.

Or, how they’ll get out.

Thoughts (for when you’re finished reading)

My favorite part of the book was when Mibs saves her father in the hospital with her savvy. Mibs proves to herself that she can to anything if she tries hard enough. She gets over Emma and Ashley’s constant teasing and makes new friends.

My favorite character is Bobbi, because of how readers saw her change over the course of the book. At the beginning, she seems like a sassy and obnoxious teenager, but she turns out to be clever, observant, and compassionate to Mib’s feelings.

If you have anything to say, please do so in the comments section down below. If you have any books you want me to review, please let me know. Goodbye for now and keep on reading!

-Katie K

3 thoughts on “Book Review #1: Savvy 🍩

  1. I’m wondering where this story takes place. Maybe it doesn’t matter for this story to work, but thinking about how the character could create a hurricane made me wonder. I love stories from around the world.


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